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Agusta Dian, Elina Cek Plagiasi Agusta Dian Elina. Cek Plagiasi.

Agusta Dian, Elina Pree Review Agusta Dian Elina. Pree Review.

Amarin, Yudayana Cek Similarity. -.

Amarin, Yudayana Journal Family Support as a Determinant Safety Riding Student Behavior in SMKN 2 Kediri. Indian Journal of Physioterapy and Occupatiol Therapy.

Amarin, Yudayana Pre Review. -.

Amarin, Yudayana Pree Review Jurnal 1 Rev 1. 8th International Nursing Conference of Education.

Amarin, Yudayana Pree Review Jurnal 2 Rev. Journal of Global Research in Public Health.

Amarin, Yudayana Pree Review Jurnal 3 Rev. Indonesian Journal of Nutritional Epidemiology and Reproductive.

Anggrawati, Wulandari Journal Anggra. Indian Journal of Publick Health Research & Development.

Anggrawati, Wulandari Plagiasm Anggra. Cek Plagiasi.

Anggrawati, Wulandari Pre Review Anggra. Pre review.


Candra, Wahyuni Buku Ajar. STRADA Press.

Candra, Wahyuni The Effect of Efflurage Massage Techniques to Decrease Pain in the Active Phase of the First Stage Primipara. In: Proceedings International Seminar "Midwifery Education Reform".


Erma, Retnaningtyas Buku Ajar. In: Buku Kesehatan. STRADA Press.


Katmini, - Plagiarism Checker. Similarity.

Katmini, - Pre Review Jurnal. Pree Review.


Nita, Dwi Cek Similarity Nita Dwi A. Cek Similarity.

Nita, Dwi Jurnal Nita Dwi A. Jurnal Penelitian.

Nita, Dwi Peningkatan Kesehatan di Negara Tropis Melalui One Health Sistem. Seminar Nasional Project Of Public Health.

Nita, Dwi Pre Review. -.

Nita, Dwi Procedeing International Seminar "Midwifery Education Reform". Project Report. Midwifery Education Association of Indonesia.

Nita, Dwi Reviewer Nita Dwi Astika, SST., M.Kes. Pree Review.

Nita, Dwi Similarity. -.

Novita Ana, Anggraini Buku panduan. In: Buku Panduan Gadar Kritis 2020. STRADA Press.

Novita Ana, Anggraini Cek Plagiasi Bu Novita. Cek Plagiasi.

Novita Ana, Anggraini Chalengges Implementation of The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in the Health Sector in Indonesia. In: The Proceeding of International Joint Conference.

Novita Ana, Anggraini Effect of the Simulatation of Basic Life Support (BLS). In: International Conference on Healthcare and Allied Sciences.

Novita Ana, Anggraini Indian Jounal of Physioterapy and Occupational Therapy. Indian Jounal of Physioterapy and Occupational Therapy.

Novita Ana, Anggraini Pree Review Bu Novita. Pree Review.

Novita Ana, Anggraini The Relationship Response Time of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). In: International Conference on Healthcare and Allied Sciences.

Novita Ana, Anggraini Similarity Bu Novita. Cek Similarity.

Nurdina, Sulaimi Putra Cek Similarity Bu Nurdina. Cek Similarity.

Nurdina, Sulaimi Putra Pree Review Nurdina. Pree Review.

Nurdina, Sulaimi Putra Proceeding Nurdina Sulaimi Putra. Proceeding.


Shanty, Natalia Cek Plagiasi Shanty Natalia. Cek Plagiasi.

Shanty, Natalia Pree Review Shanty Natalia. Pree Review.

Sutrisno, - Cek Plagiasi Sutrisno. Cek Plagiasi.

Sutrisno, - Pree Review Sutrisno. Pree Review.


Yuly, Peristiowati Antidiabetik Activity. Cek Plagiasi Antidiabetik Activity.

Yuly, Peristiowati Artikel. Artikel.

Yuly, Peristiowati Buku. Indomedia Pustaka.

Yuly, Peristiowati Cek Plagiasi Ekstrak Pepaya. text road.

Yuly, Peristiowati Cek Plagiasi Papasya Ekstrak. Cek Plagiasi.

Yuly, Peristiowati The Effect Of Cognitive ESQ. Cek Similarity.

Yuly, Peristiowati The Effect of Cathecin. Cek Plagiasi The Effect of Cathecin.

Yuly, Peristiowati Effect of Giving Cognitive Support. Cek Plagiasi.

Yuly, Peristiowati Effect of Papaya. Cek Plagiasi Effect of Papaya.

Yuly, Peristiowati Evaluasi Pemberantasan Demam Berdarah. Cek Plagiasi Evaluasi Pemberantasan Demam Berdarah.

Yuly, Peristiowati GMB NADPH. Cek Plagiasi GMB NADPH.

Yuly, Peristiowati Green Tea. Cek Plagiasi Green Tea.

Yuly, Peristiowati A Hela Cell. Cek Plagiasi A Hela Cell.

Yuly, Peristiowati Identification of Alkaloid. Cek Plagiasi Identification of Alkaloid.

Yuly, Peristiowati Identification of Factory. Cek Plagiasi Identification of Factory.

Yuly, Peristiowati Identifikasi Bakteri. Cek Plagiasi.

Yuly, Peristiowati Mekanisme Koping. Cek Plagiasi Mekanisme Koping.

Yuly, Peristiowati Meningkatkan Kadar CD 4. Cek Plagiasi Meningkatkan Kadar CD 4.

Yuly, Peristiowati Pree Review Bu Yuly. Pree Review.

Yuly, Peristiowati Protectif Effect. Cek Plagiasi Protectif Effect.

Yuly, Peristiowati Scud and Subcronic Toxicity Test of Papaya Leaf. JAEBS.

Yuly, Peristiowati Self Efficacy of Diabets. Cek Plagiasi Self Efficacy of Diabets.

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