Nur Yenny, Hidajaturrokhmah Cek Plagiasi NUR YENY HIDAJATURROKHMAH. Cek Plagiasi Nur Yenny Hidajaturrokhmah.

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1. Analisis Kepatuhan Antenatal Care (ANC) Terhadap Kejadian Kom-plikasi Kehamilan_11zon.pdf

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5. The Analysis of the Roasting Tradition (Se’i-Nu), Maternal Hemoglobin Level and.pdf

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6. Studi Observasi Tata Laksana Induksi Dengan Kejadian Perdarahan Post Partum_11zon.pdf

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8. The Effectiveness of Abdominal Stretching Exercises and Dysmenorrhea Gymnastics Against Dysmenorrhea Pain Intensity in Adolescent Girls_11zon.pdf

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10. The Success of Early Initiation of Breastfeeding in terms of the Level of Knowledge and Family Support_11zon.pdf

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12. Giving Super Bubbles Play Therapy to Reducing Anxiety in Children Due to Hospitalization at Gambiran Hospital, Kediri City_11zon.pdf

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13. Nursing Relationship Analysis Of Nursing Agency With Drug Compliance In The Public Health Center Of Malang District_11zon.pdf

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14. Analysis of Anxiety on the Choice of Birthing Place During Covid-19 Pandemic_11zon.pdf

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2. Effevtiveness Health Education Using Audio Visual With Lectures And Poster With Lectures Of Changes In Behavior Selection Of Snacks In Tulungagung Elementary School_11zon.pdf

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3. Analysis Pregnancy Exercise And Type of Childbirth In RSIA Mutiara Bunda Malang_11zon.pdf

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4. The Successful Implementation of Early Breastfeeding Initiation Judging From The Level Of Knowledge and Family Support_11zon.pdf

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7. Analysis Of Modeling Techniques Method To The Success Of Toilet Training For Toddler_11zon.pdf

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9. The Relationship of Participation in Early Childhood Education Activities at the Integrated Healthcare Center Park with the Development of Toddler Children_11zon.pdf

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11. The Effect of Drawing Art Therapy on the Anxiety Level of Students at Nurul Falah Vocational High School_11zon.pdf

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